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Helium Balloon Chart

Common Sizes listed below.

18" Foil (Mylar) Helium Balloons 0.50 Cubic Feet
Jumbo Foil (Mylar) Helium Balloons 1-2.5 Cubic Feet
9" Latex Helium Balloons 0.25 Cubic Feet
11" Latex Helium Balloons 0.50 Cubic Feet
17" Latex Helium Balloons 2 Cubic Foot
3 Foot (inflated to 2.5-3 foot) 8-15 Cubic Foot

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If for some reason you do not receive a quick response to your balloon question please check your junk mail since our response might have ended up there. Otherwise please send us another e-mail that mentions this and include your phone number. For some reason our e-mail is likely being blocked by your spam blocker.

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Our Helium Balloon Websites include.

At Bargain Balloon we strive to offer the lowest possible wholesale prices on Mylar Balloons (foil balloons, metallic balloons) and other balloon designs. We are a bulk balloon distributor of Mylar Balloons (foil balloons, metallic balloons) and other designs at discount wholesale prices. All of our products are quality made brand name mylar balloon products from manufacturers such as CTI, Classic, Anagram, Betallic and Convergram foil balloons. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all mylar balloon products that we sell. Our wholesale foil balloon prices are up to 60% off normal wholesale.

Helium Balloons for Less.

Brand Name Quality Made Mylar Balloons and Latex Balloons.