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Very early balloons were made of animal bladders since animal bladders have the ability to stretch without breaking.  Most balloons today are made of rubber, latex, polychloroprene and nylon fabric.  The majority of balloons for decorative purposes are made of either natural latex or metalized plastic films.  The basic definition of a balloon is a flexible bag designed to be inflated and in most cases with helium or hot air.  However, a balloon can be filled with other gases and even water.


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Balloons are typically filled with helium so that they will float.  However, latex balloons will only float for 8-15 hours unless you use a product called hi-float.  The reason is that helium atoms escape through the small holes in the latex balloons.  This also occurs with mylar balloons.  But with mylar balloons the film is less permeable and therefore the atoms escape much slower.  That is why there is a difference in float times between balloon types and manufactures.  Each manufacture of balloons uses different manufacturers techniques, hold different patents which means differences in final balloon products.  We sell only balloons made by the better balloon manufacturers.



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