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Mylar Helium Balloons in various sizes from 4" to 40".

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Latex Helium Balloons in sizes 12" to 3 foot.

We offer a great selection of helium balloons.  Whether you are looking for foil helium balloons or latex quality helium balloons we have an excellent selection of helium balloons at prices that are 20-60% off normal wholesale.  You will find what you are looking for by visiting our helium balloon website.

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Please remember that helium balloons will expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold temperatures.  Once returned to room temperature the helium balloon will return back to the their original look.  In order to extend the life of a latex helium balloon consider using a product called hi-float which can extend the float time of latex helium balloons by 25-50 times the normal float times.  All of our latex helium balloons are made of 100% natural latex.  Please see the laws in your state, province or country before releasing latex helium balloons into the air.  Mylar helium balloons should never be released.  All mylar balloons have warning stating this printed on the balloon.


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Whether you want a plain helium balloon or one that reads a message such as happy birthday or get well we have over 1000 helium balloons and balloon related products ready to ship to you quickly.